Alternative - student project

Hello everyone, hello Michael! Thank you for a great class! Even though I am not really into a gastronomic field and I want to founding a tech service startup, but I've decided to give it a try and do the project as I've been thinking what would it be like to own/found a coffee shop, as I love this drink.


There is no coffee shop in Wrocław serving coffee using the alternatives methods of brewing coffee like chemex, aeropress or dripper. Also, there is no coffee shop, which serves more 'bold' coffees in case of taste. Our coffee shop would serve both, letting the customers feel and taste a different side of their everyday drink. The decor would be designed around the word abstract. A little bit of Gaudi's intricacy and abstract shapes, a little but of Picasso's irregular figures and a little bit of Monet's 'catch a moment that you are in' approach. The team would consist of fantastic, respectful and kind people, inspired by the alterity that our coffee shop brings to the people of Wrocław.


I am not a person who knows how to create a menu and I am not a coffee expert :( So, what I came with is simply 'my guess' of what it could look like using the methods and combinations that I've used and/or tried. Plus, I am really sorry for everyone who is a designer and has to look at it. I like using photoshop and creating things with it, but... I don't have the skills... Yet!


I didn't know where to exactly look for nice pics, as those shown in the class, so most of the pics that I've used are from Adobe Stock (watermark).

Real life

I would have to somehow scan my brain to show you what it looks like... But man... It is nice.


I don't have an exact address, but I know in which region I would look for. WrocÅ‚aw as most of Polish cities has it's Old Town. I wouldn't like to set the coffee shop right in the middle where the Town Hall is, but there many narrow and very nice streets around it, which would serve perfectly for a coffee shop like this one. They are still occuppied by many people as it is still the center, but not the most fancy part of it.