Along the Lines | Colorful Abstract Doodles

Along the Lines | Colorful Abstract Doodles - student project

I've always loved random/abstract kind of doodle style. Jon Burgerman and Sam Cox are a huge inspiration to me. So I started with plain random doodling on a 6" x 8"1⁄4 Fabriano Accademia Disegno drawing pad using Paper Mate Flair M. Below is the first one I doodled.

Since I wanted to turn these doodles into a Zine (Kate Bingaman-Burt's class ~ my first zine, yay!) I doodled total 8 pages. Here are all the scanned pieces (before Image Trace in AI)

After scanning + a bit cleaning in Photoshop and "Image Trace" in AI, I randomly picked palettes from Kuler and colored the doodles using "Live Paint" as taught in the class. Below are the palettes I used -

Colored Doodles

Turning Doodles into Zine:

This part is my project from Kate Bingaman-Burt's class Making Your First Zine: From Idea to Illustration

So I printed the doodles on A4 size ~170gsm Art papers (4 doodles on front side and the other 4 on back side of page). Cut them in half and folded for staple binding.

and here's the completed zine -

I made a YouTube video of this entire process. You can watch it below ~

This class was a great inspiration and the digitization+coloring part was something new I learned. Thank you Jon Burgerman for the class! This entire process was super fun :D

All feedback/suggestions are welcome.


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