Alison Titus Jewelry

Alison Titus Jewelry - student project

I'm creating a logomark for a friend's handcrafted jewelry business. Her medium includes precious metals and untreated gemstones.

Here's a sample of some of her pieces. In a few words I would describe both her work and the look and feel that I'm going for as:





simple, yet striking

I created my own watercolor textures as that's something I've been wanting to try my hand at. So much fun! Here are some iterations along the way, playing with the different textures, colors, and two of our favorite vector elements that I came up with (both are a play on the letters A and T, her initials).

In the end, my friend has decided on the last iteration. Only, with some further modifications. Though I loved how everything nested very nicely within the triangle, I felt that 'Jewelry' commanded more attention than her name. The heirarchy was off, so this is the final version. I think it's my favorite as well. What do you think?

The typeface is Josefin Slab, a free google font. She'll use the pair of logomarks for various branding needs; on new business cards, packaging, her website, etc.