Aislin's Project

Aislin's Project - student project

Hi! I'm Aislin, an independent artist/songwriter/musician working on my own music artist career primarily but supplementing with session musician/composing/performing work etc, as well as looking into creating a Skillshare channel myself helping other independent artists and songwriters figure out the music industry :) you can find me at or just search Aislin Evans in google or on any social media site!


Step 1 - this week I'm going to work on planning my own Skillshare course, and also use social media to remind everyone that I'm willing and available for writing sessions and freelance work


step 2 - I'd love to share this video I found about pricing your work which has very similar notions to your advice as well as pricing according to your financial needs and monthly budget. It was so eye opening! (vid below) I find in general that the music industry is full of smoke and mirrors and very opaque - hardly anyone talks about money and it can be tricky to find out what the norm is to charge. But I'm always learning!



(if it's bad practice/manners to share other people's videos on the topic, i will happily remove the video link!)


step 3 - quote template


INITIAL IDEAS: 2 or 3 musical or lyrical ideas based on given brief and discussion with client. These will not be full-length pieces of music nor fully fleshed productions - they will be piano-based rough recordings. 1 idea is chosen for further development.

DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Idea is developed into full-length composition, with progress shared throughout the process for input from client. Opportunity for feedback on music, style, instrumentation, lyrics.

FINAL PIECE: Final piece supplied. This will be in 'demo' form for any final adaptations ie. small lyric changes

FINAL RECORDING: A final recording (mp3 and wav files) of the piece. No more adjustments to the composition of the piece can be made, although small adjustments to the final mix can be requested

ADDITIONAL WORK AT ANY STAGE: ie. more options required at initial ideas stage, more development, final piece/recording major amends.


Aislin Evans

Artist/Songwriter/Music Industry Nerd