Adobe illustrator Projects - Learn How to Create Them!

Adobe illustrator Projects - Learn How to Create Them! - student project

All of the projects below I tackle in my latest Adobe Illustrator Masterclass. 

The full class is now on Skillshare! Class Link


Coffee Logo Project 


T-shirt Design Project - Creating our own custom vector icons using the Pen Tool and adding a cool grunge texture to our vector graphics. 

Social Media Graphics in Adobe Illustrator - Yes! Creating social media graphic in illustrator is not only possible, but suggested!



Creating Geometric Shapes is fun in Illustrator - Mastering the Grid system and snap to point can elevate your logo symbols and graphics.


You can even apply any vector texture you create to online products using Society6 in this example below...


Interested in creating these projects with me? Check out my masterclass now, the full class, now on Skillshare: Class Link



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