Action List: Bullet Journal Stickers

Action List: Bullet Journal Stickers - student project
  1. Research skill share for sticker and business classes
  2. Buy silhouette cameo bundle, camcorder, and tripod
  3. Implement skills being taught from classes
  4. Practice using cameo machine and program
  5. Decide on new name or if keeping toonieunihorntreats 
  6. Revamp Etsy store to suit my product and clients interested in bullet journals.
  7. Research similar stores to match my product descriptions
  8. Understand Etsy's SEO
  9. Take classes on filming and editing videos
  10.  Design and print 1st sticker set
  11. Film video displaying how the sticker set could be used
  12. Edit video and publish video
  13. Launch YouTube channel that machines the branding and style of Etsy. Will help advertise my product to target clients and display an example of using the sticker set
  14. Shop Critic to ensure shop is ready for launch
  15. Upgrade patron pledge to have nerdercraft adversite my shop at the end of her videos