A poem for a friend

A poem for a friend - student project

Hi there!

Bryn, thanks for another wonderful class!

For this project I'd like to transcribe a poem by Alexander Blok that my friend likes and send it to her. Unfortunately, I can't find English translation, but you can get the impression by reading other poems from the series Ante Lucem. Check them, they are beautiful.

Artistic decisions

For me the challenge is to make a nice composition (the poem is quite short) and to write in Russian (I haven't practiced cyrillic letters with pointed nib yet). I like how it looks when letters are really small and ascenders and descenders are really long. There are not so many Russian letters with ascenders and descendrs so I want to strongly enhance those in the poem. Also I want to imitate branches with swashes (the poem describes moving through forest at night). Going to try out my Winsor&Newton white ink too.

That's the final piece. I wasn't quite satisfied with it when I finished, but I wrote it in the evening, and the next morning my son was born. So now I certainly love it! :)))

Thanks for your attention. Any critique is welcome!

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