A lunch with tea

A lunch with tea - student project

Dear Nadia,

First of all, thank you for this really interesting class! 

Here's my project, I have tried a whole lunch, accompanied by three different teas.

First course a salad with pickled cabbage, carrots and beetroot. I matched it with a Sencha green tea and for me it tasted really good, it was like putting some green vegetable in my salad, because of the really "green", vegetal flavour of this  tea. 

Main course was vareniki, a kind of russian dumplings filled with potatoes, carrots and onions. I put some crème fraiche on top. The taste of this is really bold, so I decided to go with another bold tea flavour I love, Yunnan black tea. I love its honey notes and for my it highlighted the softness of the potateos and carrots.

For dessert I preapared a Easter pie, very similar to a lightly sweet bread. At first I wanted to match it with a Rooibos (even though is not really a tea) aromatizes with orange zest. I then changed my mind and went for an Oolong tea. I am not completely sure about this pairing, on one side I found the Oolong a little to bitter to go with this not particularly sweet pie, on the other I liked pretty much the peach flavour the oolong left in my mouth and nose.

Anyhow, it was just pure fun to think and try these combinations!