A loot of trees :)

A loot of trees :) - student project

Hi Audrey,
it was nice to spend the last hours with you and all the trees. I liked your explanations and how you described how the tree grows at first...as I am not really a biology person it helped me a lot to understand how to paint the trees. In addition I took time to study other reference photos of the trees and afterwards decided how to paint my own versions - some a very similar to yours others are bit different. I think they turned out O.K. and as I painted them on little pieces of Watercolor I may add some handlettering and give them away as cards :) Thanks a lot for your time and kindness.

I didn't expect this, but I like this tree the most.


I think my palm would have been better with some more halfbranches, but its O.K.



I did the willowtree a bit differently, but I needed your tipps on that tree as well.


Tried to do my best with this one, but am not sure, if its possible to recognize it. At least it looks like a tree :D

And thank you for adding this tree, it was a delight to paint with all the reds...I loved it.

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