A last bite of Summer

A last bite of Summer - student project

For this project, I made a recipe of courgette (zucchini) and goats cheese tartlets and chose two styles in which I would photography them: airy and light; dramatic and high contrast. I also tested myself at hand held camera so I know there's noticeable movement in the second last darker images (not happy with myself on that one, so took note for future work).

I focused more on the styles for those images, hence the lack of props on some images. I feel it's not a problem so much on the airy and light ones, but maybe the last of the dark images could have done with something extra.. Any suggestion appreciated! I clearly still have work to do on the styling parts (especially getting the right props).

I would love some feedback and/or suggestions :)

So, here are the images. Airy and light:

Dramatic and high contrast:

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