A hour in the Canadian Rockies

A hour in the Canadian Rockies - student project

Lake Louise in Banff National Park is a popular spot amongst travelers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and even wildlife. A lot can happen in an hour - from wildlife encounters, to moments of complete serenity and calm, to meeting a diverse range of travelers from all over the world. And as usual in the Canadian Rockies, you can experience all four seasons within the span of an hour or two. Lake Louise is a place to connect with nature, whether out on the lake or taking a hike. Travelers come rain or shine to experience the natural beauty and the lake's unique green waters a result of minerals from glacial run off.

These two images capture two different sides to Lake Louise - the nature and the people. The first conveys the colors of the lake and vastness of the forest around Lake Louise. Canoeing out into the lake gives a sense being in the heart of the dramatic Canadian Rockies. The second image shows the people who come from all over the world to experience Lake Louise. These hikers coming down to Lake Louise from hiking to Lake Agnes were determined - rain, snow or sun - to get out into the nature around Lake Louise and experience its beauty. The snow was coming down hard when I photographed the second image, though this didn't seem to stop the hikers from enjoying themselves.