3 Secrets You Can Tell Everyone

3 Secrets You Can Tell Everyone - student project

Loved doing this class as it just kept flowing out. So much so that I had to cut out some of the projects. I used a sponge to do the bright orange maple at the top left corner. The Mountain larch next to it is down by our river and is getting bigger every year. They lose all their needles by late October/November and I cut them for firewood during my first year on the property, thinking they were dead.

The Cityscape did make it into the class. I am heading to the big city of Vancouver in the spring to see our 6th grandchild and will be doing lots of Cityscapes while I am there. Can't wait!

The bottom right pic is a new direction for me as it is non-representational art. I would like to do some more of these and use them to teach 'luminosity' in painting. It does have a certain glow, don't you think?

Keep your eyes on what you are doing and WATCH more than you paint. You never know what's behind you!

See You In Class / Ron

Artist / Art Teacher