1 (Line-work Approach) - Small-Cat-Diet Monster VS. Human-Eating Monster / 2 (Shape Approach) - In-n-Out Supervisor and his Apprentice.

1 (Line-work Approach) - Small-Cat-Diet Monster VS. Human-Eating Monster   /  2 (Shape Approach) - In-n-Out Supervisor and his Apprentice. - student project

Hi Everyone,

I decided to put this Project together as a way of helping you build your assignment. All these images and explanations are already on the videos but you can find a more consise version of it below.


In this session, my goal was to find inspiration and a specific taste to my design piece. I went on a research using pictures from films, locations, people, animals, etc. You can find inspiration in anything that would help you creatively. I picked these images below for my first assignment, Line-work approach.

I found inspiration in cartoony carnivorous plants such as in this picture below to come up with interesting jaws and teeth for my monsters. They look so fun but at the same time have a kind of a scary, and whimsical feel to them.

Big foots, Alien creatures such as the one below, and Hairy Animals inspired me to come up with the fur and Shape of my Monster's designs.


After I was done with my research phase, I went on exploring my ideas and images through Thumbnails.

Thumbnails can be done in any way you feel like. You can use napkins, scrappy pieces of paper, your computer, etc. Whatever makes you comfortable in putting the ideas from your head to a tangible world. I personaly used a Sharpie and paper on these thumbnails below. They felt the most comfortable way of scribbling down my ideas.

At first, as you can see below, I tried to compare my characters as people these days and how they behave. For instance, there has been lots of talks regarding what to eat and what is healthy for you. Also, lots of discussion about eating meat, vegetables or being Vegan. I thought it could be an interesting topic to tackle so I came up with the Thumbnails below.

Vegan vs. Carnivorous

The Thumbnail below is the final idea I decided to execute. It has two monsters with different philosophies eating on a table. Notice how the monster on the left is eating a small salad.

The thumbnail below is my rough staging and composition for the In-n-Out idea. Based on the images I found and took from real In-n-Out stabilishments I came up with this thumbnail. It is very rough and ugly but you can see how the idea is there. All the pieces I needed are in place so I could safely jump into the execution phase. In this image I tried to incorporate what I saw the other day: A very bossy, over-the-top-tiny-man supervisor yelling at his slugish and clumsy-oblivious-big-man apprentice. After being clear about the ideas I had thumbnailed, I jumped into the execution phase.


The Image below is the final Design for my vignette. You can see how close it looks to the thumbnails as far as the essence of the idea goes. I made a couple of decisions such as leaving off the table because it was getting in the way of the composition and staging. Also, I ended up making one of the Monsters very skinny and the other very obese because in the end... you are what you eat. I also added a baloon on top of their heads to convey a sense of charm, texture, and humor to the piece.


Based on the opaque media of the Art-work reference I showed in the slides, I decided to come up with a painting that conveyed that same feel but using digital media. In order to execute this piece I used Photoshop. Once again, notice how close this image looks to the thumbnail. Mostly, in the final stage, the objective is to flesh out the final Design but the core of your idea should be present in the thumbnail stage otherwise you will feel lost and not clear of what you are stating with your piece. One of the new ideas I decided to push a bit forward was exagerating the poses of the characters, who were more stiffer in the thumbnails.

I hope this project can help you as a guide so you can come up with your own Vignette. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in leaving a note at the forum. Enjoy the process and I am looking forward in seeing all you guys assignments!


Story Artist at Walt Disney Studios