umbrella - student project

I chose the word umbrella for my project! This was....really really difficult. Definitely not used to thinking about letters this way. 

It took me some time to decide what I wanted my ambigram to be (natural ambigrams like solos and "am i we" are on this page, I think, and then there's some I tried to force into symmetry later on, like horehound. Not ideal for a beginner, I think.): 

After some doodling I ended up with umbrella, because I liked how the rounded words were reminiscent of the hooked end of an umbrella. 

Here's the final inked version, cleaned up a bit in photoshop (I used a pentel pocket brush):

And here's a mocked up version on notebooks, just for fun:

Thank you! Had a great time taking this. I want to make more ambigrams now :)