rainy days

rainy days - student project

Waiting for a sunny day and plenty of time in order to get the best shots ever .. I just ended up taking some photos on one of these rainy days which seem to never pass.

At least one could get the idea of what rainy wheather is.

The only sunny day in this last month I took just this photograph:

A second shot from today, the atmosphere is rather grey but nevertheless it can be fascinating.

And once again the cover photo, maybe otherwise it is too small to see it. So there are two photos for the golden mean, i didn't make it to cover all the needs of the project.

Thanks a lot in any case for this excellent course, I learned a lot and got plenty of hints how to improve my photographs. I was really impressed by the quality of the videos! I will go on experimenting and look forward to join your advanced courses once I feel prepared for them!