procreate to AI

procreate to AI - student project

I really enjoyed drawing elements in procreate as a pattern and then transferring them to AI. I have done this before but I've always drawn separate elements rather than having them already arranged in a "pattern" before transferring. I also learned a few different workflow tips in this class which was really helpful and appreciated! 


I'm having a problem that I'm hoping someone might be able to help with... My original pattern is on the left. When I changed the color way and copied the pattern to a new document to be able to have my two color ways next to each other, I lost a lot of the cut out details in my floral pattern. You can see that some of the line work of the large florals is gone and the line details of the leaves are also gone and now solid shapes instead... Why does this happen!! I can't seem to figure it out but it seems to be something with when I copy and paste into a new doc. HELP! I don't know why it didn't happen to my lower right hand leaves pattern...?