pizza and chocolate milk for breakfast: every. single. day.

pizza and chocolate milk for breakfast: every. single. day. - student project

update (18 Aug): Final Project!

I couldn't think of a theme or a particular project idea for the final, so I went with the song that was stuck in my head this afternoon. I think it's good for the black and whiteness and the song is rather dear to me, for some odd reason. I have to think of writing --type/typography-- as drawing. I think that think of the letters not so much as letters but as shapes  and lines and movement and little creatures with personalities all of their own. Not so strict all the time and conforming. They're a bit wild and need to be let out, need to roam free occasionally. Yeah, wild type. : )

update (30 june) : this isn't my final assignment work, just an afternoon of trying not to think too much (and then trying to not think too much about thinking too much). I'm not satisfied with newness below, but it's part of the process. I think I liked the non-words 'making marks' better. I might go back to that for awhile and then go back to actual words (and maybe stay away from colour for awhile, as well). Thanks to all who have commented and viewed! I especially like hearing/reading/seeing other people's perspectives --so please, by all means, keep writing! : )

^ my favourite of these

a bit of background: I was in school for organic chemistry but left for many reasons. Isn't wasn't chemistry's fault --chemistry (and science in general) is still incredibly dear to me. Art is also important to me --including some strange idea that going to art school would be amazingly fruitful and wonderful. I mean, when am I seriously going to be able to stop everything and have the resources to school for art?!...but then I'm beginning to wonder if it would be as helpful to me as I have dreamed. ANYWAY.  I have an online shop with sciencey type things. But I was un...unsomething with it. The things I've been making for the shop, while popular, don't resonate with me. It's the kind of thing where if I saw my creations in a shop, I would think "nice, I could think of a few people that would love these as gifts" rather than "that's hope for humanity right there"..hard to explain. But to create things (read: anything from objects to paintings to poetry) with meaning, things that are so dear to me I can't bear to part with them, but do, and grow because of it. I want to create things that give hope to me for the brilliance and goodness of the world and the people in it. And, hopefully, others as well. Maybe not lots of others. But others. I don't know if any of this makes sense to all of you, but, haha, I am trying! Anyways, I found this class by chance and am glad I did. I'm thinking differently. I went abroad on a business trip and left my computer for two weeks. I found something important along the way: myself. Since I was little, I dreamed of exploring space. Until then, I have discovered through these assignments, that there is much to explore in the vastness of ourselves and even just this Earth around us (or us around it, I guess). AND I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT. 

making marks assignment: In the following photos, I have tried to include the tools I used to create each picture. I didn't put a lot of time into each page --as a former perfectionist, I didn't want to think too much, and thought that working quickly would help with that. I couldn't scan the pages...they were messy. Especially the concotion of lipbalm mixed with leftover iron oxide (read: black powder) from a science experiment. That stuff is brilliant though (it's the black stuff in the glass bowl).

references/inspiration :

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