period. - student project

Blue inks. 

Longer wings.

Flowery patterns. 

You know what I’m talking about. 

A sanitary pad.

Period is not much spoken about in our surroundings. Little girls are half explained and adult women think it is not as important. Yes,there are bigger problems in our society- poverty, unemployment. Who would care to look at menstruation as a difficult time in somebody's life?. As girls we learn from experience and learn these things quietly and quickly, and expect everyone to do the same.

When I was 13 year old, my mother was shy about explaining to me in detail about what menstruation really is?  she herself had a very vague explanation of it in her mind.

Instead of telling me what causes it? Why it happens? And what changes will I be going through? 

She just told me how to avoid it from seeping into my clothes. She told me you need to be careful as nobody should know you’re on your periods. She told me to make it a secret. 

I’m not blaming her, for she only does what she’s taught to do. Maybe her mother didn’t tell her enough for she thought it is not necessary. 

As a 13 year old I was very curious, I wasn’t satisfied with what school taught me about it and what my mother, sister or friends told me about it. 

So I stood there watching it run through my legs, so scary. Red blood flowing through my thin white thighs then knees then to the floor. Deep red chunks and fluid all over my legs. I observed it and tried to console my curiosity. 

I am an adult and I still don’t know what happens down there. Vaginal discharge. Ovulation. Menstruation. Cramps. Labia. Vulva. Vagina. All taboo words. 

Very few people talk about it and fewer voices reach me. We can’t ask it directly because they make people uncomfortable. 

And it is not ladylike to make people uncomfortable with our stupid questions. 

After 16, I was no more curious. I settled with society’s perception to it as “gross” and unhygienic. I didn’t go to temples. I didn’t went inside my kitchen. I avoided touching people. Or else my impurity will pass to them. 

It was not a trouble anymore because it became a habit. I will check my pad every 2 hours. I’ll ask my friend to check my skirt every 30 minutes. I will sit still. Cross legged. Knees clenched together. 

This amazing part of our body and this ability to make a human child inside us. It is no less than a God’s gift.

In this world of equal rights and uplifting people, some topics are overpowering others. Girls, at age 15, still lack knowledge about their bodies and they will not understand it till they are not explained to.