music. - student project

I have many loves but my love for music beats them all. It's ruled my crazy world since as far back as I can remember. From jamming to RHCP's "Under the Bridge" in the early 90s to Hanson to punk and hardcore. Music is one thing in my life that I know I can always rely on to be that emotional outlet or balance.

I don't really know how to tell this story. It's complex. Do I focus on a genre? Instruments?

My Dissolve folder (Greatest Love) isn't showing much cohesion as of now. I'm just adding clips that "speak" to me. Hopefully when I go to edit I'll be able to visually interpret what I decide to say in a way that others can understand.

[to be continued...]

I finished the first draft of my edit. Looking back at it I think I could tell more of a story. Maybe I got caught too caught up in finding clips that I didn't fully think about what I want to convey?