markers020522 - student project

Well!...This might be my 2nd time I tried markers, I feel like a kid trying to stay in the lines.  I used Weisbrandt as that is what I have so not exact colors. I was quite surprised when I found out I have two tips, one on each end. I had more control with the point than the broad however I did use broad for the rainbow....I actually like my little green illustration. This is the Ohuhu pad.

So I think I need to take the beginner class to completion to learn how not to leave streaks. Overall I enjoyed the class and will try the cactus demo after more practice. I just started 2 years ago dabbling in art as hobby, and it still amazes me how many types of art mediums there are.  Still trying to find what I am best at or what I like best. Still trying watercolor/acrylic and pastels , and now markers!.. Thanks for listening!