mDocent - student project

A platform for museums to share content about their collection.

Simplest form -- you plug in the name of the work into the mDocent application and hear an audio recording about it. It's an old-school audio guide.

Initially would involve museums posting their own content. Eventually, this could be open-source, with students and professors posting their own narrations about a work. Sort of like a wiki. There might be multiple recordings for each work, and they'd be ranked by popularity or review.

Initially this would just be museums but I could see it expanding to points of interests or even entire cities. By overlaying maps and GPS, you could conceivably guide someone on a walking tour through a city. Again, these would be open-sourced.

Potential features: •Payment; museums or content-providers could charge

Potential revenue streams: •Subscription (unlikely that people would actually pay this?)
•Purchase the app -- perhaps people would be willing to pay a small fee for access to all of the content
•Purchase tours -- a museum could charge for a tour and mDocent would take a fee
•Advertising -- particularly location or activity based, perhaps in partnership with a coupon service
•Freemium -- ads for free model, bonus content for paid model (or both), OR limited trial
•Sell data on points of interest
•Sponsored locations on city tours

Vision: mDocent is a tour guide in your pocket.


  • Make it easier for consumers to access audio information about their surroundings
  • Make it easier for museums to share information about their collection

Feature List (User/Consumer):

  1. Listen to audio (cut line after this)
  2. View photographs and supporting documentation
  3. View full video
  4. Pre-download over wi-fi
  5. View maps
  6. View location on maps using GPS
  7. Search for popular tours

Feature List (Provider/Customer):

  1. Upload audio (cut line after this)
  2. Upload photographs and supporting documentation
  3. Upload full video
  4. Collect analytics about tastes
  5. Collect revenue
  6. Collect feedback about museum
  7. Serve ads for cafe, exhibitions, etc.
  8. Collect data about visitors