iPhone Landscape Photos

iPhone Landscape Photos - student project

I love having the Olloclip lenses on my key chain so I can capture the entirety of a scene. The wide lens makes the image so much more dynamic. I take photos as a hobby to remember places I've been & moments I want to remember. I've transitioned away from using my Canon 7d and expensive lenses and now rely completely on my iPhone and Olloclip lenses. It's just so much more convenient and allows me to snap high quality pictures anytime and anywhere. I use Camera to edit photos but I learned a lot from Chris in this tutorial and will start to use some of his techniques when editing. I'd love to win some of the new Olloclip gear so I can take my photos to the next level. Thanks for putting together this course for us!

Here are some of the iPhone photos I've taken recently...

San Diego harbor on my way to work:

Palm Springs on a weekend getaway:

Laguna Beach on a day trip earlier this year:

Hiking with family on Christmas Day, 2016:

Point Loma on a morning run in early 2016:

Carmel Valley, Thanksgiving 2015:

Shelter Island on a morning walk in early 2016:

Mission Bay sunset, fall 2016:

San Diego sunrise, Dec 2016:

San Diego Harbor sunrise, early 2016: