highkey - student project

highkey - image 1 - student project

Hi, Paul. Really greatful for your class. It was really easy to understand.

I had my old camera from 5 years ago when I decided that I want to try to learn photography, but gave up not long after that because I got confused and just couldn't figure it out. But two months ago I decided that I would try again, still with that same camera. I watch a lot of class here in skillshare about the basics. It was really helpful and finally I can take pictures that I like. But I want to achieve this style which I think is really cool but I had no idea how to do it, didn't even know that it is called a highkey photo, so didn't know what to search. Then I found your class. Got some really cheap lights, and took a lot of shots. It took a lot of trying but I had a lot of fun. This is one of the photos that I got.

What do you think about it? Any critique and advice would be great! Thanks :)