hannibal , my new friend

hannibal , my new friend - student project

This  class was really inspiring to attend and made me wanna try to make some sketches  of this beautiful story. 

As a totally amateur (and traditional not a digital  creator) I decided to follow the steps of this class.  My inspiration was to make the scene with the castanets  .. of grandpa!

i  tried to be patient with the sketch ( as i am in a hurry to dive into colour) . 

I wanted a first opinion about my composition... as it seems a little crowded. 

Any suggestions are welcome. 

Behind  Hanibal I thought of a shadow that drives to Spain , so to connect with the Rule (you can play castanets even if your grandfather is not from Spain).

 Actually stands in front of a planter so to create the  shadow of the bull behind him. 

I wanted the dentures of  Grandpa to be bigger and maybe bring hannibal to front in the position of Joe (cymbals) but I don t know yet...

i intent to create atmospere with the lamp in the middle of the room since this will divide the place in a dark and a more sunny one. 

So first things first, help me decide with the composition, so to move to the colour and i am thinking of a palette like this :


That s all for now...


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