first inking test photosop

first inking test photosop - student project

I am a Affinity and Illustrator user and used PS mainly for photos. But it is interesting to use it for sketching and inking, too. I found it a lot more easier to sketch in Illustrator, but I will give PS a go. The workflow is totally different, not so precise, but on the other hand there is more room for spontaneity, what I really love. These are very quick sketching, using photographs in a free way. It took me 5 - 10 minutes.


The illustration above took me 2 hours. It has more details and shows a Gallica Rose that enjoys me each June in my garden. I made this in Affinity Photo, a program that is completely new for me. Unfortunately Photoshop crashes all the time on my system, so I had to use an alternative program.