Zivity - student project

Finally got this all together! 

Here's my final project.

Update 12/15:

Here's the basic brand board. I'll be building this out into full sections later.


For this class, I'll be building out the style guide for the branding I did for Zivity.

Zivity is a new way to support photography that brings people together. At Zivity, you can meet talented models & photographers — and empower them to create dazzling custom work for you to enjoy.  Zivity lets you reward artists for making something that thrills you, or challenge them to bring your imagination to life.


1. Logo

a. Primary logo
b. Secondary marks
c. Logo useage

2. Colors

a. Primary palette
b. Secondary palette
c. Color useage on photos

3. Language

a. Copy & Tone guidelines

4. Typography

a. Typefaces
b. Useage
c. Specimen

5.Graphic Elements

a. Icons
b. Pattern
c. Watermarks

A tornado disguised as a girl.