Zenith Hairstyle

Zenith Hairstyle - student project

I love fantasy stories, so I created this outer-space character, Zenith.

Step 1. Character Passport

She comes from a rich family, she's sweet and sensitive, but there's a sparkle in her eyes that says there is something more to that. She's artistic, she loves music from all over galaxy and she spends most of her time exploring nature. She's shy and often avoids eye contact.

One day when she came home she found the entire city burnt to the ground. That's when the sparkle in her eyes turned to flames and she started training to become a warrior.

Step 2. Choosing a hairstyle

I  was not sure yet if the hairstyle should say bold or to reflect her sensitive nature. But I decided to show her transformation gradually, so long hair was the way to go. She keeps it tied as she doesn't really care about her looks. 

Step 3. Final sketch