Zee Bikes | Life's a journey. Better enjoy the ride.

Zee Bikes | Life's a journey. Better enjoy the ride. - student project


Clear path. Clear Mind. 

Life's a journey. Better enjoy the ride.

The path to success. 


Brand Manifesto:

Have you ever felt so tired of your normal routine?

You sigh as you sit in 30-minute traffic to get to work.

Mid-day you look through the window into the beautiful sky wishing you could enjoy even an ounce of the crisp air.

Well, now you can.


Zee bikes is a unique bike experience geared towards you. Founded in Seattle, Washington, Zee bikes was designed to give you a safe, affordable, and enjoyable ride while still making it to work on time. One ride on our electric bikes will change the way you travel and enhance the way you think about the environment that surrounds you.



Step outside.

Breathe the air in.

Shake up your routine with Zee bikes.

Zee Bikes | Life's a journey. Better enjoy the ride. - image 1 - student project


Commercial Spot:

Characters: Male/female in their 30s but could pass as 20s. They are of average height and weight. 


Video                                                                                                                  Audio

 Screen is black.                                                            Male: *yawns tiredly*


Opens to a split screen of two bedrooms.                  Female: *sighs happily*

                                                                                       Music: Slow piano music plays in background.


Cut to kitchen                                                                                          *Coffee machine sound*

Camera focus on coffee machine                           Male: *Stares out window as he takes a sip*

then turns to face subjects.                                     Female: *Sips coffee while reading the                                                                                                    newspaper and laughs at something on the                                                                                            page*


Cut to male getting in car                                     Music: Something happy plays in the background.

while female gets on her Zee bike.                         Male: *looks like he is in a daze*

Male turns on radio.                                                  Female: *bops along to the music as she rides                                                                                        through the sidewalk smiling to the people she  Female presses play on Iphone.                             passes*


 Follow both on journey.


Male stuck in traffic.                                                 Male: *sighs as he pulls up on traffic*


Female zigzags through people                         

 on the sidewalk.


Female cuts split screen into male’s                    Female: *whistles to music as the she passes by      frame as she passes his car.                                               male’s car *



 Follow female the rest of the way.                                      SFX: (Wheels screech to a stop.)

Pan to her face as she arrives to work                                                                                   

with a smile on her face looking at the sunrise.                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                      Female: *turns off music on phone and takes a                                                                                                       deep breath. 


                                                                                 Overhead: “Life’s a journey. Better enjoy the ride.”


Cut to black with Zee Bikes logo.

Fade out.



Radio Spot

Radio Spot

*Car starting noise* *Female sighs* *Honking* Female: “Ugh, I have to stop leaving work this late. I wish there was a better solution.” Overhead with honking noise in background: “Are you tired of the day to day drive? Can’t get out of rush hour traffic fast enough? Well, we have a solution for you. *Honking noise ends* Zee bikes is here to make traveling to and from work seamless and enjoyable.” *bike wheels noise* Female: “Now that I have a Zee bike I can beat the traffic and enjoy the ride.” Overhead: “Zee bikes. Life’s a journey. Better enjoy the ride.”


Big Idea


ZeeBikes presents the event 'Bike for a change.'  This event will be an annual bike marathon. There will be music, fun games for the family, and statistics of how you would positively impact the environment by purchasing an Ebike. Participants will get to choose the bike they compete with and half the proceeds will go to donating bikes to children in the Seattle area.