Za'atar Foccacia

Za'atar Foccacia - student project

Baking has never been my thing. I've never let it have the chance of being my thing. It's too precise, too messy and too much labor. I'd rather buy bread and watch Bake off.


Then along came Umber and this focaccia recipe. It was so much fun to go through the steps, like the most fun arts and crafts project and with one big payoff. The dough was so forgiving and so delicious. 5 min into baking, my whole apt smelled like an Italian bakery and it came out golden brown and so satisfying. 


I dusted mine with Za'atar before it baked and dipped it in yogurt w/ sumac alongside this chili eggplant with scallions. Next, I'm going to do sandwiches and then later on some apricots with hot honey if I still have some leftover. 


Thank you, Umber!!



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