Youth of the Nation #watercolorplaygrounds

Youth of the Nation #watercolorplaygrounds - student project


It was hard to choose which piece to showcase as I've done so many of these. It hasn't gotten old yet! But why would letting your mind wander and doing creativity for fun once again become boring? 

This class was born from my own rut of constantly churning on-trend client work. I wanted to let my creativity fly without boundaries while carrying what I had learned from the industry. I wanted to find the clues to my style and remember myself again. 

Here are a few of my favorites!

As I consider night and day, the seasons and fun worlds!



Every time I see this face I think of the old POD song "Youth of the Nation." Anybody else?



A little Mary Blair influence going on here! If you've taken the class, you'll understand.


...and I'm still painting them. I especially like loading up my sketchbook with some non-objective watercolor work and then taking my Posca Markers & Pentel Art Brush with me wherever I go.

The #watercolorplaygrounds tag on Instagram has so many more amazing pieces! Take a quick peek and see that I'm telling the truth. ;)

Thanks for journeying with me!


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