Young Guru x Skillshare Contest ( #YoungGuruMixContest )

Young Guru x Skillshare Contest ( #YoungGuruMixContest ) - student project

My name is BROADWAY.  I'm a music producer from Manhattan, NYC.  I am submitting this project for the class and Young Guru contest.

It is a song produced and mix entierely by msyelf (Broadway) and written by The Frontrunnaz (who work with S1 as his goto writing group and !llmind, as well as others).

The vocals are a reference vocal also performed by The Frontrunnaz and it is hopefully meant for Rihanna or an artist of her vocal style and calibur. 

The song is titled "Fly".  Below you can find the Unmixes and Mixed versions and see the difference for yourself.  Subtractive EQ'ing and compression are always huge factors in mixes.  It's good for everything to have it's own space.  


If you listened to the stark contrast between the unmixed and mixed versions you will see the time and effort it took to take the song from a raw draft to a mixed song.  I hope you all like it.  Thanks and respect to all of you for taking the time to dedicate to honing in on your musical talent.

UNMIXED Version:

MIXED Version:

Good luck to everyone,



Twitter: @BROADWizzAY


Music Producer from Manhattan, NYC