Writing my name – Example project

Writing my name – Example project - student project

My handmade calligraphy pens

First sketch

You should put in your mind that you'll need do the same work a lot of times to reach something great.

Starting writing and after that point the details you need to improve and try again :)

It's easier to do it if you have a lightbox, but you can do it also using a tracing paper or even a thinner sheet of paper.

After created the new work, check again the problems, review it and try again.

Try again :)

Final piece 1 – Basic letters

This's what we're looking for, the best you could do using basic letters.

And if you're confident enough with the basic letters, you can try some BASIC ornaments.

BUT ONLY IF you're doing the basic letters well.

Final piece 2 – Little ornaments

Letterer, calligrapher and teacher.