Wow Statement WIP

Wow Statement WIP - student project

Honestly, it's super tough to work in Arizona apartments because of the heat! I tried to keep everything super clean and white to stay cool and refreshed during the summer. I think one of our wow statements would have to be our fluffy Costco rug. (Dude, it's sooo soft and all of our guests adore it)

If you need any larger pieces for your home, I definitely recommend checking out Costco first just because the prices are so good, and you can return the items at any time if they no longer fit your needs. That's a lovely hack I learned from my mom, haha. 

We moved in two months ago, so this is a work in progress, but I'm extremely excited to add artwork, artwork lights, and long curtains. I can't wait to add more goodies from this class.

Thank you for all of the amazing tips and tricks!

Senior UX/UI Designer