Working from Home (with Errrrybody)

Working from Home (with Errrrybody) - student project

I’ll be honest: these stay in place orders have made my working from home take a nosedive. My husband has set up office in the guest bedroom and my two elementary school-aged boys are doing distance learning. That’s A LOT more people in my workspace than I’m used to and they all need my input & devices :D

I find my energy levels bouncing all over the place as I’m out of my usual flow. Because I don’t have time to watch myself and settle in before more change comes my way, I am using a short term approach to planning.

Most importantly, being crystal clear on the day’s priority keeps me from overthinking or rushing to social media when I have a few minutes of work time. 


See my video as I chat through how I’m approaching this crazy time!

ps- I’m open to your tips! How are you handling this schedule?

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