Working From Home Plan

Working From Home Plan - student project

This was such a great class. I've been wanting to work on my schedule a little more and you had some really great advice to share. 

I started using Trello a few weeks ago to stay organized, and love it for organizing my week. I want to hone in on what to focus on each day to keep my boundaries in place. I work much better when I have set times to do tasks so that I know I can put all my energy in one place at a time (and life will interrupt, but I get back on track must faster this way!)

I connected with so much of what you said in the class because I'm a mom working from home as well, and I have the best flow in my work in the early morning and mid-morning hours. 

My best creativity happens early in the week and focusing on my projects and portfolio pieces at the beginning of the week when I am fresh works best for me. I had literally just put in buffer time into my schedule at the beginning of the week before watching this class, and sitting down to read leisurely for just 15 minutes or more before shifting my brain from work to home really helps. 

Having time to work on admin tasks every week will help me keep on top of tasks and doing batch work times will help me with the time that gets wasted in transition times (I learned that from being a school teacher!). 

Paying attention to my mood is so important and by Friday I'm ready to play, so putting some easy leftover tasks and fun classes to stretch my skills or fun prompts might be just the thing to slide into the weekend. 

I've attached some notes I took while watching the class,
and I'm going to put headers at the tops of each of my weekdays in Trello with my priority and my focus for that day. When I go to plan out my week, it will help me stay focused. 

Thank you for such a helpful class :)

Sommer Maxwell

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