Wistful weasel

Wistful weasel - student project

I was really intrigued by your method Vanessa, because it is SO DIFFERENT from mine. I basically never use layering, and definitely not anything close to 8 layers, so really wanted to try this out! :D (Because jumping out of my comfort zone is one of my favorite things to do). 
Thanks so much for the great class, and I have to say, I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed painting this way! 
I'm pretty happy with the result too, though, again, it's super different from what I usually do. 

I didn't really plan out the colors in advance, but had a general idea of the colors I wanted, and I thought it wasn't too bad in the end. Definitely something I want to keep exploring in the future, especially for my illustration work! 
All the best to you and thanks again for a great class. 

My initial sketch: 

And the final piece: 

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