Winterly Floral composition upon Ten Principles of Painting

Winterly Floral composition upon Ten Principles of Painting - student project

This Winterly Floral Composition took me several attempts, which were spanning over my whole weekend and took me many hours in a total.

Final piece took me several hours to accomplish, because I had to wait for first washes to dry, before I placed the second ones over. But no more than two layers of washes  are used, in case, you want to know it and it helps you.

In between there were several other attempts, which I will show a bit later.

Now let's talk about materials I've used, if questions spark out.

Technical description of materials I've used, if it can help you:

PAPER: Worked on 200 gr/m (94 LBS)  Royal Talens  student grade cotton-cellulose (cotton 25%) paper. Had to wait for the first washes to dry as it was  the only option not to get paper totally buckled before it is even finished.

PAINTS: NEVA PALETTE White Nights, Winsor&Newton Series 1

CLASS: watched Class for 2 full rounds and replayed some parts straight before getting to paints, made class notes on a sheet of the paper close to my painting as I could reread them while in the process

NEXT CHALLENGE: to work on strokes as described in a class

ACCOMPLISHED: implementing simultaneous thinking about all elements at once. Grade - HARD, requires deep focusing. Need to repeat.

Graphics designer, illustrator