WildBorn - student project

I used to draw with hi-tech or micron, and very resistant to the use of soft brush, especially Chinese one.

After Yuko's lessons, i tried to switch to asian brush by starting with Chinese calligraphy. Yeah, the first pic(which means wild born) is kinda my most satisfied one after thousands of practice. And this style of calligraphy has its own name: 草书(freestylling calligraphy if i translated right)

Then i started to hire those calligaphy techniques into drawing, which i found out the posibility is endless. The line created by the asian brush can take you to anywhere you've never been to before. Unlike the fact that the western brush or micron, you can always witness how your lines are going to be, the asian brush, can alway get you wowed even with accidents.

I think i will never use hi-tech or micron again.