What in my bag - Tundra

What in my bag - Tundra - student project

Hi Kristina,

Since your class has inspired me a lot, for the first time I try a completely new style and I am happy with the result.

For the first artwork, It took me 6h50 scratching on iPad surface (100% draw with Procreate) and a lot more time to find items for the artwork.

This is my sketch and I even fixed when I colored it. I tried to insert 2 stems of peony flower in but since they are quite big, I'd removed them.

What in my bag - Tundra - image 1 - student project

I love the way you draw the bag's chains and I copied it. Besides, drawing Pandora snake chain bracelet and shoe chains challenged me a lot. However, I love the final result.

Voila! This is my artwork!

 What in my bag - Tundra - image 2 - student project

And this is the second one (inspired by Seo Dan, a character in Crash Landing on You movie).

What in my bag - Tundra - image 3 - student projectI would love to hear from you any advice, suggestion... regarding my color palette, how I arrange the items, the shadows, lights... anything!

Again, Kristina, I love your classes and will join most of them!