What I learned

What I learned - student project

I found this class very helpful!


I have a tight budget and has been looking to allot of different paints and reviewes. But this class really has a great overview and gave me the final knowledge to pick my materials. I am very glad that me as a beginner in art found your class so I didn't waste money on trying bad materials.

I have been looking into Daniel Smiths colors and also the Essential box but this class gave me the guts to order it!

The papers has been a big hassle for me so I was very happy to get advice on affordable paper to use as a beginner. So I have now ordered the Canvas XL watercolor, I think it will be enough for me right now to try out colors and swatch out when I learn to mix the colors.

You also made me curious about the waterfilled brushes and I loved your homemade mini travelkits! 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving a great overview!