What I got from this class

What I got from this class - student project

What stood out to me in this class is how much of a waste of time being distracted is. And for me that has a lot to do with the disorganization of space that I'm currently working in.

My desk isn't terrible but since I am easily distracted I decided I would remove all unnecessary things off my desk and make everything I use often on hand and easily accessible. 

Also, the breakdown of his 5 distraction types really helps with being mindful about what you're doing and whether you're fooling yourself about if it's really important or not. 


1. How can I make it easy to START working?

- Keep my workspace tidy and inviting.

- Set up my desk in a way that keeps everything I need within reach.

- Clean up when done


2. How can I make it easy to KEEP working?

- Remove all unnecessary things from my desk.

- Turn phone off and keep away from desk.

       - unless I'm using to play music with earbuds in to drown out other distractions in the house. 

- Have water and snacks on hand :)


3. How can I get more from what I out in?

- Be present and enjoy the process of creating.

- Go easy on myself and tell inner critic to go play somewhere else for a bit.

- Be grateful for the ability and privilege to create art.


4. How can I work on what's important?

- Be clear on priorities

- Each morning spend time designing my day and align myself with those priorities.

- Keep in mind why what I'm doing is important.


This class was soooo helpful and motivating. Thank you for existing Rich!

*Please don't mind the mistakes in my notes, its just a page in my notebook.