Welcome to Chicago. Sincerely, trashhand

Welcome to Chicago. Sincerely, trashhand - student project

Milestone III: (See all my initial process work below)

Here is my final photo set! I ended up narrowing down the selection to 7 images. I'm pretty happy with the variety of subjects (architecture, skyline, the lake, Cloud Gate), compositon (50/50s, rule of thirds, symmetry) and vantage ponts (above, within, and below the city). When I look at this collection I can proudly say "This is Chicago," to me at least. Hope y'all dig the images!

Milestone II:

Whew! Just shot for 18 straight hours (with the Skillshare video crew in tow!). We hit 8 different locations and took about 1300 photos. While this was an exhausting experience I am really pumped with how a lot of these shots turned out! Here are some examples of raw images that I'm definitely leaning towards working with for my final photo set:

Milestone I: 

I have taken thousands of photos of Chicago, but I constantly find new inspiration and angles that excite me. For this project I will be targeting what I consider the defining elements of Chicago while playing with scale, subject, and composition. I'm planning on capturing the following from new perspectives or times of day:

  • The Chicago Skline
  • Lake Michigan (at Sunrise)
  • Architecture
  • The "L" (our train system)
  • Bridges
  • Cloud Gate (aka "The Bean')
  • The Chicago River


Cityscape Photographer