Wedding Invitation Sample

Wedding Invitation Sample - student project

Hello Everyone!

I have recently started a modern calligraphy and design business and would like to offer hand lettered wedding invitation design. I am working a on few mockups for a wedding show coming up and i thought i could get some feedback here. Some will be letterpress and some digital printing ut alot of the principles are the same. Here is the lettering layout for and invitation i have prepared in photoshop. My plan is to have a watercolor wash background and know out the lettering so that it is white. We'll see how it goes. Any suggestions on layout? I am going for a modern, but minimalist feel and a little bit of ecentricity. Let me know what you think!

Wedding Invitation Sample - image 1 - student project

Wedding Invitation Sample - image 2 - student project

I combined the hand painted background (thanks to thw watercolor branding class! and also made furthur refinements to get the final copy below. 

Wedding Invitation Sample - image 3 - student project

Here is the final version, ready to send to the printer! 

Ciarra Rouwhorst

Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer