Watercolour Greenery: Basic Leaves & Branches

Watercolour Greenery: Basic Leaves & Branches - student project

In part 2 of my Watercolour Greenery class, we look at the brush exercises that will help us perfect these leaves & branches. We look at how we can make leaf shapes and make subtle but effective changes by adding movement, definition and a little bit of detail.

Then we make a page full of branches - with different shapes, styles and colours - that we can use as inspiration and a reference for our future work! We then paint the final project - a simple but beautiful wreath. I paint everything in real time so you paint right along with me, and I share tips and guidance every step of the way.

I really hope you enjoy the class. I have lots more planned for this Watercolour Greenery series which i'm really excited about - this is just the beginning! :)

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