Watercolor/Gouache Butterflies

Watercolor/Gouache Butterflies - student project

Another great class from Julia Bausenhardt. What a fun class. Butterflies are always a favourite of mine, but I only just recently been introduced to gouache and how much fun it is to combine it with watercolour. I have taken other classes from Julia (Gouache flowers and watercolour berries) and she always approaches the subject in a fun and easy to understand way. Folk illustration is definitely been an interesting take on tackling watercolor botanical illustrations. 


I completed my illustrations using Daniel Smith watercolours, Winsor Newton gouache, a Posca white paint pen, a Copic Multiliner and Coliro Finetec metallic paints for the Apollonia butterfly. I thought the metallic paint would be a new way to put a more "gossamer" feel to the butterfly wings. I used my Princeton Heritage brushes in Size 1 and 4 and used my Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook.


Thank you Julia and I look forward to your next class.