Watercolor Pencils for Beginners

Watercolor Pencils for Beginners - student project

This was a super fun and informative class--I learned so much! So happy for the first experience of using watercolor pencils--what a joy they are! I haven't seen many classes on how to use watercolor pencils until lately so I was glad when this one popped up because I had been curious about them. And the quality of my new Albrecht Durer pencils just made this experience even more pleasurable! It's always such a suprise to see what results you will get when you add water to these pencils. It's so fun to watch the watercolors activate--the colors turn out so bright and beautiful! Some of the favorite things I took away from this class are:  lifting paint off of pencil tip to lay down, spatter effect with wet brush and tip of pencil, mixing colors and creating gradients (1 and 2 tone). Here are my projects:

Color Wheel (dropped some water on my purple (oops!):  Creating tertiary colors was especially fun.

Sphere (unblended & blended):  The unblended version turned out to be my favorite but I'll keep practicing blending technique;)


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