Watercolor Graceful Irises

Watercolor Graceful Irises - student project

Hello, Krzysztof! I can't believe I finished this project! Well, almost finished, I still need to buy a white gouache and also a frame to hang the painting :-). I've been painting this for almost a week, but it was totally worth it! I overdid some parts, for example, some leaves (the colorful one in the lower left corner and the green one on the right) look a bit muddy, I also failed to achieve the desired color of the burgundy petals in two layers, so I had to paint the third layer. I like your permanent alizarin crimson color, but I only have the regular alizarin crimson. Also, I don't have green gold and transparent yellow colors, so I have to improvise with what I have in my palette :-) But it is just my quibbles, in fact, I am very happy with how it turned out.
Thank you so much for this awesome class! Your tutorials are truly gems. I never tire of being amazed by your skills, imagination, and talent!

P.S. I hope you are feeling well now after the covid.
Also, I was glad to see your cat in the introduction again! He's very sweet :-)