Walkcycle - work in progress

Walkcycle - work in progress - student project

I'm just sharing some walkcycles from this course that are still in progress.
The weighting of a character was probably my biggest stumbling block, but thanks to Russ's course, I'm on my way to figuring it out.

I'm still working on animating the character's arms as he pushes a shopping cart.




I must say, however, that Cinema 4D R25 has a slightly different way of dealing with constraints (for the ankle-> toe), which I was unable to solve for when I built the rig without using the Character builder. :(



Update: This was completely my error as I was targeting the wrong joint.

For future reference this is C4D R24 and below


and this is what the constraint tag looks like in C4D R25


I fixed this silly error, and now I can animate the feet and toes with greater precision.



I started working on a new quick exercise in which the body is made up of individual mesh objects.
Though I wasn't able to fix the clipping shoulder or get a finer mesh on the joints, I was glad the animating process became a little easier.



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