Vreeland's Language

Vreeland's Language - student project

Hello Classmates & Bryn (I'm not sure if you will remember me but I took your paper ink class in Portland this summer -- I hope you are doing well :)

I. My Chosen Phrase

I came across this New York Times article  -- Courtney Love attributed these words that Diana Vreeland loved to use -- "marvelous" "vibrant" "divine" "vital" "extravagant." I thought it would be fun to do this is calligraphy.

II. My Pencil Sketch

I didn't do any pencil sketching -- I just starting writing. I was playing with different styles of letters, changing the slant and getting used to the nibs and ink.

III. My Final Piece

I have been practicing with different styles and also playing with white ink. Here are some examples of the various words I've been working on. 

I really loved this class and I am taking alll Bryn's other classes on Skillshare. Perhaps I will see your projects there too.

Thank you Bryn for sharing your knowledge! I love the fact that I can refer back to the videos at anytime. I hope to keep improving, working on consistency within my letter forms and having fun!

sharp pen nibs, rescue dogs & black ink are #1