Volunteer Staunton

Volunteer Staunton - student project

Volunteer Staunton is up and running! The community support has been really excellent and I'm adding volunteer opportunities regularly. Now that the site is up, I am working to start community building with the facebook page and blog. Ideally, I'd like this site to become as sustainable as possible and something that encourages users to contribute to on their own. I've been seeking local guest bloggers and hope to stimulate facebook conversation in the future. www.volunteerstaunton.com


I'm switching gears here, simply because bee packets have sort of been put on to the backburner, but I am really excited about a project I've just started that has really been gaining a lot of momentum (and I am hoping for feedback on it). Volunteer Staunton will be a web-based catalog of volunteer opportunities in my home city of Staunton, VA. I was inspired to do this because when I first moved here 5 months ago, I really wanted to reconsider how I used my time and coming from 3 years in NYC working in the fashion industry to working part-time on freelance work from home, I had a lot of time on my hands. I started where most people in younger generations start: online. And I found nothing. Literally nothing. It really only took me a few weeks of actively seeking out opportunities to land with two longer-term commitments, but I really want to make it easier for people to find volunteer work that suits their passions and interests because not everyone is operating on a part-time work schedule. Thus this project was born. My main goal for this is to increase awareness around the benefits of volunteer work for the volunteer, the host and the entire community.

Right now, there's a Kickstarter up to raise funds for hosting costs and with 15 days left, I am over my goal. 

I have the website started with some information up while I compile listings for opportunities and make conenctions

I am currently waiting on some photography for the main page, general info page and blog. I asked a friend who is a photographer in the area to send a few along when he has a chance the other day, so the site will get a bit livlier once I have those to work.

Feedback on this is very much appreciated.

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